About Us

The Problem

The shortage of water at a global level has shifted from being a threat to being a reality. Over time, we have created an imbalance in natural resources and in the biosphere, due to human interventions and exploitations in nature.


Some factors that have strengthened the phenomenon we face today are: climate change - which causes droughts, floods and storms -, pollution created by the dumping of industrial waste, deforestation, pesticides used in agriculture and accidental oil spills.


Currently, 700 million people in 43 countries suffer water shortages. By the year 2030, if the conditions and behavior patterns of human beings do not change, almost 50% of the worlds population will live in areas of water stress and water scarcity in arid or semi-arid zones, causing the displacement of millions of people and distorting the conditions of the biosphere.


As a result of this problem, Kaluz has promoted the Hydros program, through which it seeks to influence transformational projects that propose innovative solutions to promote the efficient and sustainable use of water.


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year in which the right of all people to have access to safe drinking water was recognized by the UN


Hydros began in 2008, when Kaluz published a series of photo essay books aimed at international opinion leaders, to highlight the water problem in the world. Moreover, in order to disseminate the message of these books, communication tools were created that could be expanded to reach a wider audience, from Kaluz collaborators and their companies to customers and the general population.


In order to raise awareness among communities and the population about water scarcity and proper uses of water resources, the Hydros Ambassadors emerged.

Hydros Ambassadors

The Hydros Ambassadors are Kaluz collaborators in the different countries in which the company has a presence, dedicated to promoting the responsible use of water resources through three areas:

Internal Culture

Build awareness on sustainable water uses in Kaluz and its companies, through the sensitization of collaborators.

Community Alliances

Positively impact communities through actions in favor of the sustainable and responsible use of water, mainly through workshops in schools and communities.

Business Value

Create business value through the efficient management and use of water, generating innovative solutions in favor of water, through Kaluz products and its companies.

Complementing the initiative of the Ambassadors, today Hydros seeks to promote joint initiatives, capitalize on the participation of Kaluz and its companies in various Water Funds, elevate our experience in water resource management to generate innovative solutions and be the link between the public, private and civil sectors to improve current water conditions, recognizing that we must be all brought together to generate a real impact.