Our story

In 2008, the Kaluz Foundation and the Kaluz Group, as well as their companies Mexichem, Elementia and Financial Group BX +, launched a series of four photo essay books on the subject of water, with the aim of raising awareness of  the importance of the responsible and sustainable use of this vital liquid. The publications arrived into the hands of national, regional and global leaders, who endorsed the potential of the project.

To increase awareness of the importance of the responsible and sustainable use of water, the Hydros Portal was created to be interactive and trilingual (Spanish, English and Portuguese). The site offers multiple tools that promote true awareness campaigns about water.

In 2012, the project was launched in all of the Kaluz Group companies, motivating positive attitudes in people from the countries where it has a presence, and focusing on the awareness, preservation, responsible use and sustainability of water. That same year, the Hydros Project also reached schools and communities near its hubs, opening an important dialogue on the subject.

The challenge for the coming years was to spread awareness among the greatest possible number of people that our natural resources are running out and that we need to do something to reverse the situation. The idea was for the Hydros Project to leave the walls of the Kaluz Group companies and take on the world.

Among the main innovations that the Hydros Project launched in 2013, were the tablets and smartphone applications: Hydros Game. A space was opened in the portal, named "Hydros Inspires" where materials from people who had contact with the Hydros Project were published, such as a books, videos, texts, music, and exhibitions. For example, the first material that was published was the children's book "El Don del Agua” (The Gift of Water) made by Mexican artist and writer Regina Moya.

During 2014 and 2015, one of the main objectives of the program was to "Bring this idea forward", that is, to continue with our commitment to the implementation of a campaign that bears the same name and thus, support the awareness and sustainable use of water r as a resource.

Today, Hydros has taken a 360º turn. Without leaving aside the series of educational and awareness strategies the sustainable use of water to different sectors, we will now take action. Through meetings, joint projects and individual or communal activities, we call companies, civil society organizations, governmental and academic authorities to act and put a stop to water waste in the world. With the adequate management of water resources, we can reduce the impact of our actions and thus, try to guarantee the necessary supply, both in quality and quantity, for us and the next generations.

You can start today!